The Christmas Season

December 5, 2007 at 5:57 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Christmas, Faith, Fiction, God, Jesus, Life)

Well it’s the holiday season again, and I would like to start off by wishing you all a Merry Christmas.I have recently been encouraged to share what Christmas means to me, and that is where I am going to begin today.

Christmas = Stuff.
Stuff, Stuff, Stuff
I want more stuff
I want people to give me Stuff
I want to buy my own Stuff
If I don’t have enough money of my own to buy Stuff I am sure someone will give me a credit card so I can get more Stuff.
In years past people waited till the turkey was cold before they went after Stuff, but now it seems like they were out looking for Stuff before the pumpkins were smashed, and the Candy was handed out.
It’s all about the Stuff.

Stuff is starting to turn my stomach a little bit. That’s not what Christmas was ever meant to be. Now don’t get me wrong I like to get Stuff, and I like to give Stuff for the Holidays. Guitar Stuff is on my wish list this year, hint, hint…

All joking aside, what is Christmas really about?
It’s about love and sacrifice.

The God who created us, who created Adam and Eve… The Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gave us his only son. Not because we had done so well with our lives and deserved a reward, but because we were complete failures in all that we did. Not only were we not worthy, but God knew full well that ultimately we would kill his only son.

I want to put this in today’s terms, so that we may understand, just a little bit about the sacrifice God made for us on that first Christmas day.
Imagine that you, after many years if trying finally give birth to a son who is healthy, and loved like nothing in your life before. But you find out that for some reason you are unable to have another child. This son is your one and only, the one you dreamed about for all those years. He is here, healthy, beautiful and amazing. But one day you realize that the world around you is killing itself out of greed and lust. You also know in your heart that the world can be saved, but at a cost. The cost is your son, the one you love so much.
Imagine that to save the world you would have to drop him into the heart of the most depraved prison in the world. A prison full of child molesters and murderers, and just walk away, never to see him again, or to know what happened to him, just knowing that the sacrifice would mean that the world had a chance to become a better place. Would you do it? I can’t imagine that I would be able to.

That’s what God did do for us.
He loved us that much, and was willing to go that far, now that’s a gift.

This season starts with Thanksgiving and I suggest that this entire season is all about giving thanks. Join me this year in giving thanks to God each day for what he has done for us. Give thanks to Jesus, who also knew what he had to do, and faced it with out faltering. Give thanks to those you love, and those you know. Don’t forget those you encounter in your day to day lives, and those you don’t know. The bible tells us that we never know when we will be entertaining angles.

May your Christmas season be very blessed.
I pray that worshiping angles would surround each one of you, and that their sweet music would fall on your ears and lift your spirit.
May you sing a new song this season


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