December 6, 2007 at 6:01 pm (Fiction) ()

My head hangs low, and my eyes are cast on the earth. I kick away a small pebble and stir the dust with the tip of my muddy toe. I know he will be angry again, but I forgot. I sure hope it’s not as bad as the last time I forgot one of his rules. I couldn’t go to gym class for a week because the other kids might see. No one ever knew except Jackie. I don’t really like her much, but she always knows something is wrong. She never really says anything about it either, just kind of hangs out and tries to be a friend talking about church and God a lot, and about her family. They always sound so happy.
Oh but today was such a hot day, and the river looked so cool. When I hit the water it was so cold it took my breath way. I didn’t think I had been there long, but then I heard the car drive over the bridge and I know it was him. Now, not only had I not finished the chores, but I would be a muddy mess when I get home, and we would be late for the show. He is going to be really angry, maybe today is the day that I should actually run away. I bet Jackie’s family would take me, she is always talking about how they pray for me, and how she is there for me. She is such a geek but nice I guess, I just don’t get it. Well not today, the longer I stay away the worse it will be so I better get back to the place.
As I walk to the edge of the trees I can see Dad walking across the yard to the hog barn. He has a shovel in his hand, arms stiff and he is walking fast. He is Angry. As he opens the barn door I can hear him shout my name “ADAM, ADAM WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU”? Well I might as well get it over with, I walk to the back of the barn, and pull the door open. I see my dad standing in the long isle with the shovel still in his hand. Dad, here I… My dad Cuts me off, “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN YOU LITTLE SON OF A BITCH”? He is coming down the isle really fast, I don’t think I have ever seen him this mad. I am scared, I open my mouth and nothing comes out but a little squeak. GOD DAMN IT BOY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? And I feel the shovel slam into my side so hard that it knocks me down. My arm is at a funny angle and it hurts, God it hurts. I can’t breath and I can taste blood in my mouth. God Help me… Dad raises the shovel over his had like and ax, I see it coming down fast and hard. DADDY NO….


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