Forum Junkie

December 13, 2007 at 4:26 pm (Christ and the Bible, Faith)

Forum Junkie

I am one

I don’t spend much time on forums currently, but have in the past and may do the same again in the future. What I have found is that there are forums out there for every conceivable subject. Once in a while I will be spending a lot of time on one topic, such as the abortion issue and will find myself browsing the forums for the pro and cons of that issue from the mouth of the people.

Well the problem is everyone on the forum is faceless, and nameless, there for unaccountable for what they say. I am a prime example. I most assuredly have more courage when involved in an online discussion then when in the same conversation face to face. As an example I am pretty sure the words “Most Assuredly” have never left my mouth in real life, but words similar to that leave my virtual mouth on a daily basis.

I do strive to speak truth at all times in my life, weather it be IRL or on the internet.

Why do I bring this up? I have no clue, just felt like talking about it.

I do think that the internet is a great tool for communication, but if you are reading this I encourage you to question every word here. I don’t want to misguide anyone, in any matter.

I do know this, God loves each and everyone one of us, from the murderer in the hill to the mother of the year. We are all sinners, and in the eyes of God all sins are equally evil. As humans we are incapable if living a sin free life, but buy his grace we are saved. God loves us in our sinful nature, and his desire is that we would strive to change that, but regardless of the outcome he loves us all the same.

Mary Christmas to you, and may the light of the Lord rest on your Shoulders today.


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