House of Prayer

December 17, 2007 at 4:07 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Jesus, Life, Praise, Prayer, Worship)

House of Prayer

Isaiah 56:6-8

 7 these I will bring to my holy mountain
       and give them joy in my house of prayer.
       Their burnt offerings and sacrifices
       will be accepted on my altar;
       for my house will be called
       a house of prayer for all nations.”
God guide us in Building a House of Prayer. We stand above deep and ancient wells, and ask that you again would release the living waters from that spring in abundant measure, so that it may overflow and engulf its surroundings. In the past I was given a vision of four men standing in a prayer circle. In the vision, while they prayed they became the mortar and stone that held the earth back from caving in and filling the well. I ask that you bring that vision into fruition now. Now Lord, we are obedient and willing. Build your house of prayer above this well.  God let no man, woman or child pass by with out knowing that this is a place where his spirit will receive heeling. Draw them in Lord, draw them in, in droves.God, remove the veal between the thrown room and this house. We long to draw nearer to you, sit and your feet and sing praises endlessly, intercede on behalf of your children, and wrestle with the angel of God. God we love and adore you, and thank you for the gifts you have given, and the blessing you will continue to poor out.


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