In the Christmas Spirit

December 19, 2007 at 7:38 pm (Christmas, Faith, God, Jesus, Life, Men and Women)

I heard an awesome story this morning and I would like to share it with you, as I feel it captures the meaning of Christmas.


A friend of mine, we will call her April, received an unexpected gift yesterday. This was a gift that, due to circumstances, she was unable to even thank the giver for.


Later in the day she had to visit our local mall to do some Christmas Shopping. We all know how shopping this time of year can not only get on our last nerve, it can actually crush that last nerve, then spit on it and from there stomp it into a bloody slimy mess. Well I believe April had lost that last nerve somewhere, and was on the verge of a shopping break down. Regardless of the situation she had finished her pre-ordained duty and was headed for the door. As she drew near to the escape she sought so desperately, she caught site of an older gentalman who looked someone lost and slightly confused. Despite her desire to run head long into the night screaming with joy that she had successfully fled the insanity, she stopped and asked the older fellow if he needed anything. He was simply looking for a place to get a gift wrapped. With out fear she took the man’s arm and escorted him back through the store to where he needed to be. He was truly grateful, full of smiles and thanks.  


I thank God that at least a few people are still able to see the meaning of the season through all the hype that we face every day. Thank you April, I was blessed by your story, and I hope it blesses many others who might see it here. I also hope that before the season draws to a close I can pay that blessing forward.

I also wish to reassure you that those deeds do not go unnoticed by God. He saw your actions and I am sure had a smile on his face the whole time.


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