Christmas Eve.

December 24, 2007 at 4:25 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Christmas, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Jesus, Life, Prayer, Worship)

Christmas Eve…
The day of anticipation
The kids are all excited about what will come tonight, or tomorrow morning. The shredding of paper, the gnashing of teeth
The revelation of gifts held hostage beneath the tree for so many long days and nights.
Playing with cousins they only see a handful of times each year.
The adults are excited but for other reasons
A time to relax.
All the preporation is done
The shopping has been left at the mall
The baking is on the table
Dinner is ready
Family is knocking on the door
It’s time to retell Christmas story’s of the past
Drink hot apple cider and bask in one anothers company.

May God Bless you with safety, warmth, joy, laughter, new memories and old, good food, a surplus of batteries in every size, and most of all an ever whelming feeling of LOVE from family friends and God above.


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