January 3, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Life, Prayer)

1 Samuel 17David and Goliath I have heard this story, and I bet you have too. I read it again today, and maybe you would like to do the same. Here’s a link for it.  The reason I put that up there is because I don’t really feel that I can add much insight to that story today. I feel more inclined to pray, Please join me how you see fit.  Heavenly FatherGod, My God I rise up in the spirit to join you in the throne room. I will contendI will contendI will contend I ask you father to first cleanse me, wash away my sin with the blood of Jesus spilled for me from the cross so long ago. God make me white as snow, and pure as the lamb himself. Father God, We as a nation have been sacrificing our unborn children to demons, and evil spirits for so many years that it’s become common place in our life. Molech and Baal are getting fat on our children’s blood. They are set upon us like a curse.I ask, today father, for the forgiveness of my father’s sins. I repent dear LORD, for what they have done, for allowing this blood sacrifice to be acceptable here, Father God for opening the gate for such demons as this to take up residence in our life. I repent of the murders that go on each and every day, and for the lack of caring of our people. Father God I repent for my willingness to accept that this what just a part of life for so many years. No longer will I put this on the back burner of my heart. I ask you LORD to start within my own heart, filling it with light, leaving no dark place within me. Father God I pray that this would expand into those around me, making this a lamp stand on a hill. God, I reclaim this ground and the blood shed here from the evil one. I reclaim every inch of ground on which I set my foot. Every speck of dirt that makes up our home was fist formed in the spirit, and therefore belongs to you. I reclaim this ground, and offer it back to you as a love sacrifice.  Oh God, I pray that those who are involved with abortion be set free from their bondage, and they be invaded in a powerful way, but the Holy Spirit. I beg for the washing away of their sins, and the purification of their spirit. I ask that no dark places be found with in them. Father God they are you children as well, and I ask that you give me the grace to love them as my brother and sister.  God, you are beautiful, and you are merciful. This evil thing that is happening is beyond any mans control, but is not beyond you. I offer the battle over to you, and offer myself up as a weapon in the defense of the children. Use me as you will, I will be faithful. The victory is yours, and to you all the Glory Amen


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