January 7, 2008 at 2:29 pm (Bible, David, Faith, Fiction, God)

I spent some time thinking about this David study this weekend, and I really felt convicted of the idea that I am not supposed to skip over sections of his story. So today I am going back to 1 Samuel 17.


First off, we have the description of Goliath in verses 4 through 7.

Over 9 feet tall, he wore a scale coat of armor made from bronze that weighed half as much as a normal man, about 125 pounds. In addition to that he wore a bronze helmet and greaves of bronze on his legs. I would guess he was wearing nearly 200 pounds in armor. His spear had an iron head on it that weighed about 15 pounds. Imagine strapping 2 gallons of milk to the end of a stick and then trying to use that primarily as a thrusting weapon. All of that to say Goliath was a big, strong man.


The next paragraph talks of his courage, versus 8 through 11. Standing between two army’s, he looks up at Israel and says Give me the best you have. Imagine looking at thousands of men and challenging any one of them to fight. Imaging the battles this man had been in and won to gather that much faith in him self. Imagine his ability when the whole Philistine army would put their trust in him, and the strength of his arm. Imagine what this man possessed to stand before an army if Israelites and make them all cower in fear. One man against an entire army and the army is “dismayed and terrified”.  


I am going to leave it at this for today. I want us to ponder the thought of Goliath for a day. Build an image in your mind of what he really was. We will talk more tomorrow.


God Bless.


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