5 smooth stones

January 9, 2008 at 9:15 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, David, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Jesus, Life, Praise, Prayer, Worship)

Samuel 17:32-40


When David had worked his way to Saul he didn’t back down. He stood up and said he would fight. King Saul immediately tried to discourage him, but David was persistant, and convincing. As a matter of fact he was so convincing that Saul gave David his own Tunic. Then dressed him in armor and gave him a sward.

David, still fearless pretty much said I can’t fight in this, and took it all off, grabbed his staff and headed out.


Now this is a part of the story that stands out to me, because of a friend who I will give the credit for sharing with me.

David chose 5 smooth stones from the stream.

I am going to branch off here for a minute and then end for the day so you may spend some time thinking about this.

What does it take to make stones smooth?

When a stone is in a stream the water washes it against other stones with enough force that the sharp edges are broken off.

As Christians I often here the term “Streams of Living Water”, I also hear people speak of being in the flow, and so on, so this rings true on more then 1 level for me.

So my friend suggest that at times God puts us in a stream with other people who tend to rub us the wrong way, or bash into us at the most inconvenient moment. You know what I am talking about, people that just don’t seem to fit well together.  And that God did this so that we may knock off each others sharp edges, make us smooth stones and turn us into giant killers.

So here is what I offer for tonight. Think about those around you who seem to have some rough edges, Look beyond that and look for the potential in them to be Giant Killers. Then look at yourself and see what rough edges God may be trying to knock off of you, and see your own potential for be a Giant Killer.



  1. teddymac said,

    Your killing me here!! You mean i have to look at myself and not get mad at someone else and yell and point a finger at them!!! You mean God put me in that river (flow) on purpose so that “person” would bump into me and tick me off on purpose!! WOW i love it we might as well add to it and ask God to bless the journey of all the other stones especially the ones that bump into us!! Lets go kill some giants when God has us ready and smooth!!!

  2. completefaith said,

    Oh yeah…
    We CatG’ers all know Dan M. I just didn’t want to slap his name out for the world to see with out permission.

    This smooth stone, giant killer insight came from him, and it has blessed me many times over.

    I say yes God, put me in the middle of the stream, and make me stand out like a sore thumb so that I may be the target of every stone that would take off a rough edge.
    God make me Giant Killer.

  3. teddymac said,

    I know you agree but lets just say what a wise teacher!! He is definitely a used tool by God that has help me as well many many many times over! God rub us together and use us as you please!

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