Thinking of Food

January 24, 2008 at 2:57 pm (Food, Life)


I love food

Anyone who has actually seen me can figure that our pretty quickly.


Today is a “Food Day” at work so it’s on the front of my mind right now.

Now here is a strange notion I had when contemplating what is to come. There are two different types of food. Maybe you would want to say 2 categories. Are you ready for this?

There Shallow Food and there is Deep Food.


I know, I know your sitting there thinking, what are you talking about. So I will explain a little.


Shallow food is like Chicken Soup in a can, or mac and cheese from a box.

It’s a simple flavor, fills your belly and may satisfy a craving or two, but within an hour or two you forget what it was all about.  Maybe we could call it Bios Food…


Deep Food

Now that’s what I am talkin about. Hand picked Ribs from the meat market, extra fat trimmed away, never frozen, perfectly aged. A rub with every ingredient hand picked and measured to perfection, tenderly caressed into the meat by bare hands (germs and all) covering every centimeter. Billowing smoke, the perfect marriage of hickory and apple wood fills the air, cooks all day.

Get the idea? Food that is made from ingredients, not made from a box.

Food that involves an emotional experience, that requires commitment, passion and desire to prepare.

You know where I am going with this… Yep that’s Zoe Food.


Man, I might have to make some ribs for the game next weekend. Who want’s to have a superbowl party?



  1. Joseph said,

    Any chance you can airmail me some of the ribs? You’ve got me drooling all over my keyboard just imagining them. sigh!

  2. completefaith said,

    Next time your in Sioux Falls I will hook you up.

  3. midnightcry said,

    Look what I started by talking about how cold it is outside and how much I miss my grill. Let’s eat!

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