Had a crazy dream over the weekend

February 5, 2008 at 5:06 am (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Dreams, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Jesus, Life, Men and Women, Prayer)

I think I don’t remember all of it, but what I do recall is pretty detailed.


I remember desperately wanting to cry out for help to my mother. Only in the dream my other was actually my stepbrother and sister’s mom. I have not said more then 10 words to this lady in many years. To be honest I have always been pretty judgmental of her and thought the way she leads her life has caused many of the problems in my sibling’s lives.

It really didn’t make sense why I would see her as my mom, or why I would cry out to her specifically for help.


Anyway I remember trying to cry out for help but couldn’t make the words.


I must have woke myself up a little bit at that point because I kind of remember doing this a few times.


The last time it was more vivid. I was tied to a table. I could feel a rope, or strap across my upper abdomen. I was trying to cry out again for help. I was really fighting to get words out and then they started to come. I finally got the word help out of my mouth and my wife woke me up. Said I was scaring her, and wanted to know what was going on.

I, in real life was laying on my belly, but could still feel the table on my back, and the strap around my belly.


I know immediately that I had dreamed something from my brother’s life and went into prayer for him to be released from bondage. I don’t know any more then that.


I share this with you to suggest to you not to assume a bad dream was just a bad dream.

If you’re awakened in the night consult the Lord. I find that when I do there is a prayer on my heart.

Breaking of generational curses has been on my heart recently. I have seen prayers answered in unexpected ways. And this dream seems to fit directly into that pattern.


The bible says old men will dream dreams. I thank God for that blessing. I remain faithful to that calling, and pray that God continues to work through that gifting.


I would also ask that anyone with any insight or experience, and feels comfortable, please share it here.



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