Everything is possible in the world

February 8, 2008 at 9:06 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, David, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Isaiah, Jesus, Life, Men and Women, Prayer, Watchman)

A Woman can know that she will have a child

Yet continue to drink

Continue to smoke

Continue to do drugs

And give birth to a wonderfully healthy and beautiful child

Yet never see the love of the father.


A man can read the bible


And learn

And be able to quite scripture till he is blue in the face

And yet never spend one day walking with Christ.

Yet the father loves him


A woman can change her life to prepare for motherhood

She can fight to become pregnant

Can fight to stay healthy

Fight to build a good home

And loose the child for no reason

Yet she knows the love of the father


A man can be a murder on death row

Can have raped women and children

Stolen from the elderly

Killed the innocent

And still be welcomed into heaven

And know the love of the father.


What am I trying to say? The love of the father is unconditional. It’s always there waiting for us. All we have to do is accept it.

It’s never too late to know God.

It’s never so dark that his light will not prevail.

In the last 2000 years there has never been a day that Jesus Christ was not sacrificed for our sins.

Never a day that there was not blood on the ground.

Never a day that people did not turn away from God

Never a day that people didn’t turn to God.

As faith as the sun in it’s rising and setting is the faithfulness of God love.


God Bless you today, and know that no matter what weight you carry on your shoulders, God can lift it away. You must simply ask.



  1. light4mypath said,

    Very well said! God Bless You, and may your blog bring many to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

  2. completefaith said,

    Thank you..

  3. mrgordo said,


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