Feedback Needed

February 19, 2008 at 10:17 pm (Bible, Uncategorized)

I received a comment today on the Science vs. Faith post from a month ago.

It is very long and attempts to shed a negative light on Christianity. 3060 words according to a software word count. I say if 3060 words can shake my faith in anyway I shouldn’t be doing what I do here.

I don’t feel like arguing it point for point which would take another month, but a the same time I don’t feel that its right to gloss over everything either.


I am torn, and need some input from the people who visit here – Do I approve response or not and why?


I already have my answer – The word of God can stand on it’s own. It doesn’t need my help.

The comment is approved, check it out.



  1. mrgordo said,

    You’re exactly correct, the Word of God can stand on it’s own. Go ahead and approve the comment.

  2. Joseph said,

    Bravo! I commend you on your decision to post the negative comment. The word of God can certainly stand on its own and you put it well when you said that 3060 words cannot shake your faith. Well done and keep up the good work.

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