I am not Blogging…

February 25, 2008 at 5:14 pm (Life)

Oh how I want to blog

I wake up in the morning and wish I had something to blog about.

– I thought about blogging about the multitude of electronic devices I currently carry on my person at any given time. But that’s boring so I won’t subject you to the pain.

– Thought about blogging about learning guitar, but I don’t feel like I know enough to really comment on the subject. I am such a novice.

-How about funny names for Starbucks… 4 Bucks, St. Arbucks that’s a pretty short list.


I feel like there is a lot of garbage in my head right now and all it really amounts to is a bunch of fluff.

A friend of mine just retuned from a God Ordained missions trip

My Pastor is setting out on a state wide Urgency Tour – 12 cities in 5 days

The kingdom is in full motion and all I can think of are silly names for a coffee shop.


I feel like a sailboat who just lost the wind. I am still moving but loosing speed as we speak. A race car that just ran out of gas, not sure if I have enough momentum to make the finish line. A boxer getting pummeled in the ring, praying for the bell to ring because that’s the only thing that will save me at this point.


I guess today I am asking for prayer..

Prayer that God will give me wind – in my sails

And that God would give me gas – in my tank

That God would push me further, and faster them I have ever seen in the past.


I pray today

Thank you Lord for the things that are happening in my life, I though I don’t understand how or why, I know that in the end the Glory will be all yours.



  1. SpaceAgeSage said,

    Your posting title caught my eye in searching the LIFE categories here at WordPress.

    Life in the doldrums isn’t fun, but I find that focusing attention on them can be counterproductive for me. What is your passion in life? What fires you up? I also find that getting my mind off of me and thinking instead about, “Where can I serve today?” helps. It doesn’t have to be a big life commitment kind of service, it could be as simple as connecting with other people on their blogs and trying to make a positive impact.

    I recently read Facing your Giants, by Max Lucado. You might enjoy it, as it is about David and how he faced things in his life.

  2. completefaith said,

    Wow, thanks for the great response.
    I am endlessly encouraged by the faithfulness of the brothers and sisters in this world.

    I service life is in a bit of a transition right now, maybe that’s where this comes from.
    That and my work life is demanding much of my attention too.

    I think my wife actually has the book you’re talking about. I will see if I can find it tonight.
    Thanks again.

  3. midnightcry said,

    There was a book written by Anne Graham Lotz – Billy Graham’s daughter. The book was about heaven and in the introduction she wrote about the deadline the publisher had put on her book. Nothing was coming to her, so she called her mother. Mrs. Graham told her that all she could do was hoist the sail every day and then wait for the Holy Spirit to fill it with wind. So Anne began every morning to hoist the sail. A few mornings later, as she prayed about hoisting the sail, there was an audible crack like the snap of a cloth sail in the wind. She heard that sound in her spirit, and then the book flowed forth.

    Keep faithful hoisting the sail…sometimes God is looking for our faithfulness to keep hoisting the sail believing that he will fill it at the right time.

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