5 year old Spiritual Eyes

March 6, 2008 at 10:28 pm (Being a kid, Bible, Christ and the Bible, Dreams, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Jesus, Life, Prayer, Watchman)

So my Lovely Wife was talking to my Wonderful Son about seeing angles. He was a little concerned because he doesn’t see angles. This led to a conversation about seeing with Spiritual Eyes. Now my wife and I often talk about how kids just get it when it comes to spiritual things. This was no exception, as once he was able to understand what mom was talking about when she says Spiritual Eyes he immediate had story’s to tell of what he sees with these eyes.

My wife taught our 5 year old son to express his spiritual gifts in a way that we adults can understand. Then when she and I talked about it we found that he had been telling us this for quite some time, we just didn’t understand.

He told his mom that he sees colors with his Spiritual eyes, purple, gold – even that the gold on the streets comes from the angles wings. My wife told me about this and I was really hung up on the idea of how blessed this kid really is. So the next day, me being the nosy, jealous type of dad that I am, asked him about the conversation and he tells me “The darkness is the sinfulness, I didn’t tell mom that”. This just floored me.

We are praying daily that these gifts would grow, and flourish in him. We are stressing that they are gifts from God, and encouraging him to share what he can, but I am simply and truly amazed my the life that God has created in this little one.


Thank you Jesus.  



  1. paperbubbles said,

    Kids do just “get it”. You are blessed to have one who sees so well. Pardon me for mentioning a misspelling, but it struck me as cute because I had run across a cartoon 2 days ago that spelled “angles” the same way, and I have a strange habit of making certain connections.
    http://images.ucomics.com/comics/myth/2008/myth080304.jpg Bless you & take care

  2. completefaith said,

    since it’s cute I will leave the misspelling in place. 🙂

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