March 21, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Faith, God, Jesus, Life, life lessons, Men and Women)

I think the dictionary may miss the point on this word a little bit. Or maybe they are reading more into it then I am.


Here is what I find on

in·deed       /ɪnˈdid/ Pronunciation KeyShow Spelled Pronunciation[in-deed] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –adverb

1. in fact; in reality; in truth; truly (used for emphasis, to confirm and amplify a previous statement, to indicate a concession or admission, or, interrogatively, to obtain confirmation): Indeed, it did rain as hard as predicted. Did you indeed finish the work?


2. (used as an expression of surprise, incredulity, irony, etc.): Indeed! I can scarcely believe it.


Now my thought here is if you break the word down you have “in” and “deed”


Again from

deed       /did/ Pronunciation KeyShow Spelled Pronunciation[deed] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –noun

1. something that is done, performed, or accomplished; an act: Do a good deed every day.


So a deed is something that is done, or an act, or action.

So Indeed to me can be, and in this illustration is understood as “In Action”


That’s where this word captures my attention, In Action – God Bless you indeed – God bless you in his actions.

OR I will support the Abortion Ban indeed – I will support the Abortion Ban in my actions.


It, for me, adds a lot of weight to a simple word that’s tossed around pretty easily.


Try going to and do a search on the word deed.

 1 Samuel 2:3
“Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance, for the LORD is a God who knows, and by him deeds are

Our deeds are weighed but the Lord. I don’t think that’s something we should take lightly. Reading through many of the other references on the word deed they are associated with either good or evil in one way or another, and God is watching each one of them. This just seems like a really relevant statement in our day and age when people are so ready to please themselves no matter the cost to those around them.


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