A dream

April 2, 2008 at 3:06 am (Uncategorized)

So I had a dream this morning that seems really odd, and makes not a single bit of sense in my life. But I remember it in pretty good detail, which strikes me as odd because I almost never remember my dreams. I told my wife about it and she said the same thing, but included that I should write it down. Well since I don’t have spell check in my notebook I thought this would be easer, and what the heck, why not share it with the world while I am at it.


In my dream I was going to see some animals, almost like I was involved in a research trip, but I was not the researcher. I remember I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to do, but felt like I needed to come up with impress the people, or at least let them think I knew a little something. So I asked “What is their scat like”? For those of you that don’t know scat is poop, but I remember using the word scat.

So they took me into an indoor pen, where they were cleaning up rhinoceros scat. This was a large room with a concrete floor and cinderblock walls and there was something like a small water way down the center of the room. Maybe knee deep and a couple feet wide, like a water trough, but it rand the length of the room so water flowed in one end of the room and out the other.  They were scooping the scat out of this water, and I remember thinking that stuff is huge. One piece, one dropping was enough to fill a scoop shove. It was larger then a human head.

Anyway across the water there was a large open doorway to another room or something.

They were making a pile of scat in this doorway and it was pretty large, like maybe the size of a small car. I remember becoming focused on this pile in the dream, and found that there were rats in the pile of scat, hundreds of them.

Now this is the strange part, which happed right at the end of the dream. The rats would all go into the pile so they were not visible at all, then a few seconds later they would all come out at the same time. So the pile would like surge to life, and then they would all go back in. the last thing I remember is thinking that the rats were going in and out of the pile in the rhythm of a heart beat.    


This may just be a strange story for most people, but if this holds any meaning to anyone who may read it please share here.


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