Genesis Quandary

April 7, 2008 at 9:51 pm (Uncategorized)

 So, our fearless leader is teaching on having a Genesis Foundation. I love this teaching and it really has stirred my mind on a few things.


First off, from my school days I was taught the theory of evolution. Every time I read about, think about, learn about or hear about creation I automatically filter it through my evolution veil. It really makes me mad some times.


Anyway, the first thing that sticks in my mind from this weekend’s message has “Evolved” into a question rather then a simple statement.

“Are you worshiping the Creation or the Creator”?

What a powerful thought, I know I am worshiping the creator in my mind, but am

I worshiping the creator in my actions?


Second I started thinking about evolution itself. The thought I had was “Did this building evolve, or was there an inelegant design behind it? Really I think this can be applied to anything. Did that rock evolve, what about the water, was it something else before it was water… Do you get the picture? Now I am not scientist, but I don’t know of a single thing that we have seen evolve from one thing into another with out some sort of outside intervention.

Look at alligators, they have been around for millions of years right? You would think that over that span of time we would see some sort of evolutionary change if that were the case.


I don’t know, that just my thoughts for the day, they may be worth half a cent to someone. J  


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