Prayer Request

April 9, 2008 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized)



I have a prayer request, I am slapping it up here first just for speed reasons.


Yesterday my mother was involved in a farm accident.

She was unstrapping a load of round hay bales and when she took one of the straps loose a bale rolled off the truck and landed on her.

The bail weighed about 750 pounds and she was crumpled up underneath of the bale.


We is lucky that it things weren’t worse, but her injuries are bad enough.


Her pelvis is broken on the left side, she may have some broken bones in her left foot, and she has a severely broken left ankle. They did surgery on the right ankle last night and put a plate one bone, screwed the other together but there is a third vertical break with a loose piece of bone and the Dr. wasn’t sure what the result of that would be yet.


She is alert and well today, but in a lot of pain, so I would ask for full healing, and complete pain relief. I also ask that Gods glory be found in this situation.


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  1. hortonhears said,

    How is she doing now? Been praying for her

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