Growing Up

May 12, 2008 at 2:03 pm (Life)

So, as a dad I have a bit of a heavy heart lately. My son, Zander is 5 years old and a new change in him. Well really there have been a lot of changes recently with him in personality, in way he talks with other people in a whole lot of way really but one thing in particular has really struck me as him stepping into the next level of his life.

The feel of his skin has changed. I would say matured. His hands are harder and rougher like a boy who climbs trees and plays in the dirt. He doesn’t have that baby skin any more.

I am overjoyed that he is the boy that he is. He is a child of God he is all boy and he is perfect in every way I can image, yet I am a little sad that he isn’t the “Little Boy” I knew a month or two ago.

It feels like yesterday that Niki told me she was pregnant with him, life is so fast.


I thanked my mom this weekend for reminding me that every breath is life this weekend and it’s so true.  

It’s my prayer today that not one single breath be wasted.


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