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May 29, 2008 at 5:44 pm (Uncategorized)

What is it with all these old movies rolling around with new releases lately? Did the star wars trilogy break new ground for filmmakers to be able to produce mediocre content and yet generate millions of dollars by tugging at the heart strings of the adult children of 70’s and 80’s sci-fi addiction. Granted, in this writers opinion there have been very few films since that generation that carry the same depth of character, and stamina of those movies. Even with today’s additions to the old standbys they look pretty on the surface but lack any real depth.


Here are a few that I have recently seen and my short review


Rocky – I couldn’t even make it through this movie; fell asleep before he even started training. I can’t imagine this movie would draw any interest to the original series.


Rambo – Just saw this last night, and must say was mostly what I expected considering where the original chain left off. Nothing has ever stood up to the original in this series.


Indiana Jones – This was a good movie that held onto most of what worked in the original. The story line was a little out there, but I can see where this will capture kid’s attention and draw them back into the original movies.


All in all I enjoy the idea of these movies making the rounds again. And I feel somewhat committed to seeing them in the theater just for the fact that they were such a huge factor in my life as a kid. The sad fact is most of the time Hollywood does make a movie to tell a story anymore but rather they make a movie to turn a buck.



I am just waiting to see Jason, Freddie and Michael make their come back. That would be worth a laugh.


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