The Taking of Innocent Lives

June 30, 2008 at 1:06 pm (Abortion, planned parenthood)

Sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake.

Over the last couple of days I have been really stuck on the taking of the innocent lives of the unborn. Now I know I have heard this statement said in a thousand different ways, but have never been touched by the words the way I have this past weekend.

Here is what has been haunting me. A child in a woman’s womb is about as innocent as you can get. I mean the only thing they have done is become a life, and that was not by a choice the child made, but rather by a choice the mother and father made.

So after the fact, when a woman decides to step into an abortion clinic and remove that life from their body, she are making a conscious decision to end the life of an innocent child. A child, whose only action in its time of existence was to start growing in the body of the wrong woman.

Think about his a minute, if a drunk driver hit’s and kills a young child we as a society would throw the book at him. If a man rapes and kills a small child we look for the death penalty. So why then is it so ok in America for a woman to choose to take the life of a child who is more innocent then my 3 month old daughter? Then she can go out and higher someone to do the job for her. It’s no different then having a hit man on your payroll, except that these victims can’t fight back.

Why is it ok for Planned Parenthood to not inform these women of what they are really doing?

Why is it ok for a Doctor to fly into our state a few days a week for not other reason then to intentionally take a life and then hop on a plane and fly right back home?

I don’t know where this is going today. I feel frustrated and angry that this still goes on in the world.

All I really want to say is the Child in the womb has not done anything to deserve what happens behind the walls of a place like Planned Parenthood. A woman who would use the services of Planed Parenthood in South Dakota is only doing so because she is unwilling to share 9 months of her life with another human being. After nine months she can walk away from the child with no questions asked. I am sure plenty of people will say that there is medical need, or rape and incest or what ever. I say then go see a real Doctor at a real hospital. One who lives in your community, one who will be there tomorrow, one that will be around in a year. A Doctor who is accountable for their actions, and is willing to maintain a Doctor Patent relationship. Planned Parenthood is CHEAP UNACCOUNTABLE BIRTH CONTROL, and nothing more.


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