The end of an Empire?

July 7, 2008 at 3:24 pm (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Faith, God, House of Prayer, Intercession, Life, Prayer)

A little over a year ago I left a phone support job that I had worked at for a little over 5 year. I had taken some where between 10 and 15 thousand phone calls by the time I left that position.

After that many days on the phone, and that many phone calls, and now a year out of the picture I can only remember one statement from one customer on the phones. The call was with a foreign gentleman and we had quite a long, and nice conversation. The thing that he said and has stuck with me now for a couple of year is that the general consensus around the world is that the United States is at the end of it’s empire. He went on to explain that every empire the world has known has come to an end. Each and everyone has fallen, thus making the way for a new Empire to rise up.

Looking back there is always a people, or nation that has risen above the rest, who seems to be sitting in a pool of blessing. A nation who can do no wrong, they seem to be the nation who calls all the shots around the world.

A couple years later I have to say that it looks like this fellow may have hit the nail right on the head.

We are in a war that we seem to be unable to win.

We as a nation cannot balance a budget

We are losing ground as the manufacturing leader in the world

We are the number one consumer of oil in the world and we have no control over the prices.

We have started to spend so much time enjoying the good life that we no longer recall what it took to earn that life.

We are rising the second generation who believe they are entitled to everything their parents have without putting the work into earning it. Yes that’s right, I am calling my generation the first of the “Must Have” generation, and I will admit that I am guilty as charged.

It’s the work less; deserve more attitude that is killing this nation.

A Great Nation requires people that are will to work hard for, and earn what they get. Either by using the muscles in there back or gifts in their minds. The first will always outnumber the last, yet in America today we have more people who are unwilling to use their back, and incapable of using their mind then ever before. Who believes a strong mind is built, jut like strong muscles? I do.

We have, as a nation, stepped out from under Gods covering and there for lost the glory that comes along with that. Who knows that to get closer to God you must spend more time flat on your face? I think that because we, as a nation have removed ourselves from God we are being forcefully put back on our knees, and then our faces because he is not done here yet.

A quick personal testimony to help illustrate the bigger picture, several times I have had someone pray over me. Some of those times I have felt either a weight on my body, weakness of muscles or a combination of both. I have always been able to resist this feeling and stay on my feet. So there is a conscious choice there, but there are times that I submit to those feeling and find myself on the floor. I have found that when I am willing to humble myself before God the glory is often physically tangible. We will be held accountable in the end will the kings and queens of this world lay their crowns at the feet of Jesus? I pray by the blood of Jesus that if I ever find myself in with a mantel of an sort I will give it all to God. I say it is high time that America step up and do this. We need to repent of our laws and actions that are sinful in the eyes of our God. We need to give him the glory and become one nation under god once again.

As always I believe Pastor Steve does a couple of things. Number one he unknowingly reads my mind. and number two does a better job putting these thoughts into words. Check out his message from this past weekend. Message

God Bless


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