Brick Walls

August 19, 2008 at 3:57 pm (Happyness, Life, Love, Marrage)

So I am reading a book called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

The book is written on the premise that “many collage professors are asked to consider their demise and to ruminate on what matters most to them” Only Randy’s story has a twist, a big twist. This really was his last lecture, and he knew it.

I am not quite halfway through the book yet, but have picked up a few Gems already, and I wanted to share one with you today.

Brick walls – Yup that’s it, that’s my revelation, how do you like it?

Just kidding.

Metaphorical brick walls are what Randy talks about in his book, and how they are often placed in our life as a way to determine how strong our desire is to reach the end goal. The first question I have on this is how am I willing to get past this wall? If my answer is yes, then how will I get past it?

  1. Scale the wall
  2. find the end of the wall and walk around it
  3. Put your head down and smash right through it

Here’s the catch, a few chapters later, it’s almost as if he took a like right out of my life, the biggest brick wall in my life, and Randy’s is one that neither one of us wish to get past. Now I am sure I won’t say this right, and will hear about it later tonight, but my lovely wife is the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my life, for the simple fact that we are two different people from very different backgrounds with very different prospective on life. Thankfully God has placed in our hearts a end goal in our life. She is the biggest challenge in my life because she is a challenge that I don’t want to get past. I don’t want to scale the wall, I don’t want to find the end of her and I definitely don’t want to put my head down and smash right through.

Now I am quite sure I am a brick wall in her live also, more then likely double thick and with extra mortar on each layer, but here is my twist, some walls are to beautiful to destroy, some are to beautiful to change so the real challenge is to find a way to solidly join the two walls together in a way that does not take away from either one, but form a new, stronger, and more beautiful structure.

I also thank God that in my beautiful wife God created a something strong enough to stand up to me. I love you Dear.



  1. Niki (the wife) said,

    I love you too… but we’re gonna need to talk later. (kidding)

  2. Teresa said,

    You guys are awesome! Tell Niki I hope her first day went well. Blog on!

  3. Marcee said,

    I love to read, and right now, I am reading a book called “Survive.” I wrote about it on my blog, so check it out!

    Blessings in Christ!

  4. dkovaleski said,

    Great thoughts! I would tend to agree that you are two walls, complete in themselves, but God would bring you together in a lifelong journey to create a more powerful fortification. I find it interesting that when people become engaged, they seem to think that somehow joining with another will somehow make them “complete,” when they are hopefully already complete in the One before they are joined, and that by joining them, they become a powerful force spiritually. Keep up the good work!

    Rev 12:11 (don’t forget the last part which people usually leave off!)

    Dave K

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