His Heart Cry’s Out

September 24, 2008 at 6:08 pm (Abortion, Being a kid, Faith, God, Intercession, Jesus, Life, Prayer)

So I have a picture in my mind of Jesus, in a field of tall grass and wild flowers, wearing robes that are a little gray and dingy, every day cloths used for work or play. Not the White Robes of royalty, but the rough heavy garments of a Caregiver.

He, Jesus is in this filed down on one knee, grinning nearly from ear to ear and a hearty belly laugh is coming from somewhere deep inside

He is surrounded by Kids, hundreds and thousands of kids of every color and language known to man, laughing and playing, rolling in the grass and just enjoying the breath of life.

I look into his eyes and see a deep sorrow and I understand…
These are the Kids that were lost before they were able to defend themselves.
These are the kids that were lost to abortion
He sits with each one of these every day knitting them back together body and soul, loving them and laughing with them into eternity while his heart cries out every moment for very reason they are even there.


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