Abortion as Birth Control

October 15, 2008 at 4:54 pm (Abortion, Life)

Ok, so this thought hit me last night while posting on another blog.

Speaking on the issue of abortion used as birth control in South Dakota.

Now the Pro Abortion side of the debate likes to fall back on the argument sexual education needs to be improved. That will be the ticket to stopping all these unwanted pregnancies.

Let me just say that women, and men for that matter, who support IM11 don’t seem to have a problem with Sexual Education. They seem to fully understand the consequences of having sex, and they are willing to make a minimum of a 9 month sacrifice, if not a lifetime for the few minutes it took to create that baby. They also seem to be better educated on the value of life then the pro abortion camp. Sure they are unwanted pregnancies in our church, but these ladies know the value of life and are willing to allow that child to have a life.

So it seems that the folks in need to better sex ed are the same people who would seek out the services of planned parenthood. Maybe if these people would attempt to instill some real family values in there children, teach them that life is not about self gratification, but rather about living life as a responsible member of society. It’s not always about what is best for you, but what you can do to better the life of those in your circle of influence.

Let me tell you that abortion does not improve the live if the unborn child within that circle.

99% of the time abortion is a lazy way to forget about the consequences of your actions.

This whole bigger picture thing is really starting to piss me off. If you don’t want a baby keep your pants on. If they just happen to fall of and you get pregnant carry the child to term and put it up for adoption. There are even groups out there they will help the woman take care of her needs through the entire pregnancy.

If you are one of the very few people who has medical need to abort the child, then I pray for your mental and physical health. I also pray for that child, even though circumstances were beyond control.

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes we just need to say what’s on our mind, and this being my blog, seems like the right place to do that.


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