Revelation 1:16

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God forgive me if my words are wrong. And if they are may they only fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Revelation 1:16
…from his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword

Reading revelations, this passage has always stood out to me. I think I have found why, at least on a surface level.

What is the reason for a two edged sword?
So that you have a cutting edge no matter which way you swing it, right?

From his mouth…
I understand this to mean he will have words that cut in both directions. Jesus on his return will not only have words that cut into the flesh of the “unsaved” but also will have words that cut to the very heart of the church. He is not shy, and he is not one for withholding the truth. We as the Church fall far short of what the bible says he is looking for as a Bride. There are a few out there who strive to become as the bride described in the word. Even within my own church, of which I am a member because of it’s passion to follow Christ, we only truly have a remnant of the entire congregation who really truly pushes in to the deeper places of Christ. Sure out chairs are pretty full on Sunday, but call a prayer meeting during the week to end abortion and watch the numbers drop.

What will it really truly take to achieve unity first within our own walls, but then with the next church down the street?

It has been a passion in my heart since becoming saved, to see the churches become the Church. A few nights ago I saw a leader call representatives from warring nations, with roots in warring faiths onto one stage and embrace one another under Christ. What will it take for them to embrace outside of that place?
But even before that, how do you think the world views us as Christians when within our own ranks we have so much bickering that it often times tears a church apart. I tell you what I have seen over the years is a Church who has castrated itself political correctness, people pleasing messages, and avoiding all issues that are presumed to be difficult.

If Jesus were to return today he would not see his Bride, he would see a impotent, infertile lost soul, as much in need of saving as the “Unsaved”


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