March 17, 2009 at 9:22 pm (Life)

I am so fed up with the garbage that Obama and his flunkies are trying to feed us. Stupid is as Stupid does. And yes we, the people, are the first stupid in that statement for electing and following him.

We are in a bad spot with our economy right now, so why would you continue to build debt, and become further enslaved to other nations. Nations who do nothing more than desire to see is run aground. In who’s book is it a wise plan to give billions to a company who is going to turn around and pay it back out in bonuses to the execs who destroyed the company in the first place. Oh yeah, that would be the same people who want to set criminals in some of the highest seats in the nation.

I am not into Politics, or finance, or whatever other BS that might be on the front page of the paper today. I am just a guy who wants to see his family do well, and it’s come to the point that I can’t do that without doing more than just work 8 to 5 and go home at night.
It should be very common sense that we are going to have to go through some hard times, yes you and me. Change our life style, cut back on what we do and where we spend. Until we are willing to sacrifice a little of our cushy life we are screwed.
I am sorry, I don’t normally get into this kind of thing, but right now it’s like we are following someone bent on self destruction and are smiling and singing all the way.
What are you made of, surely it has to be more then you flat screen TV, you iPhone and you BMW. I would hope there is a little backbone, elbow grease and passion in there somewhere too.

God Bless you


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