Is your Bible an Earthly Treasure???

March 25, 2009 at 7:00 am (Bible, Christ and the Bible, Faith, God, Jesus, Life, life lessons, Prayer)

One of the recurring themes in my life is where I store up my treasure.

Matthew 6:20

…store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

I constantly have to asses my wants to try and determine if they are a fleshly want, or a tool to build up my heavenly treasure. One thing I have never questioned, till this past Saturday morning, was my bible. I like bibles, I have many of them. A couple weeks ago I was telling myself I need a new bible, because I have a hard time reading mine when it’s lying too far away on the table. Now I am very capable of picking up that bible and moving it closer, I could also put on my glasses. My very favorite bible, which is just over a year old, looks almost like it just came out of the box, because if am near a computer, which is most of the time,  I will use rather than flip though the pages.  So I started looking around with this thought of buying “Another” bible. This last Saturday while in the Excellencies of Christ class, I was looking at the bibles of those at the table around me. The only ones that seemed relevant were those that were worn out and trashed looking, the ones that have shared life with their owners. Yes I have bible envy, but there is a bit more to this story than that.

You see I had a revelation that the bibles we all carry around, the ones that we can physically hold in our hand with the leather bindings, and union paper and are printed with black and red ink, are just another treasure of the flesh, another earthly belonging. Now don’t get me wrong, the bible is indispensible to our faith. I am not trying in any way to minimize that, but here’s the deal. In its printed form the bible is of this earth. It’s when we read the word; speak out what is written there, that it becomes spiritual. When we consume the words and store them up within our minds, and our hearts, and they become an intangible thing do they become a spiritual treasure, a treasure stored up in the heavenly warehouses.

If you are here reading this message you have the keys to unlock this door. Don’t get hung up on what the cover of your bible looks like; get hung up on what it protects.

Its spring time and many people are looking forward to their spring heart challenges. Many employers are sending out the pedometers, and we will start counting our steps. Here’s my challenge to you, after your daily reading of the bible, whatever that may be, 1 page or 1000 – At the end of the day look at your pedometer and for every 1000 steps you have taken read one more page of the bible.


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