July 13, 2009 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I have about a million things I want to dig into bouncing around in my head. There are so many that I can’t to seem to put together a single blog post with only one subject. So guess what, I am going to brain storm for you, right here in the “Never Blog”. Maybe if I can get a list I will have something to focus on, and try and get this ball rolling again, so here goes.

The Devils lies – How does the Devil convince is that the things we have to say are not things others want to hear?

God’s blessing on a marriage – Is every marriage blessed by God, or do some fall outside of his blessing and are destined to fail? I often think about my first marriage and how we lived. I can’t see how it was destined to ever succeed. We had a time together and two beautiful children came forth, but as for myself, I don’t think I really had a clue what it meant to love someone. India – Missions Debt, and getting out of it

Being a Dad – I feel like two dads. One Dad to my older two kids who live apart from me, and another for my younger kids who are at home.


Guns and shooting


Ribs and smoking them

Making a carrier change


Bible prophesy

Ok, maybe you all could help me out a little. Leave a comment on what you might like to hear about.


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