November 17, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I have had kind of a bur under my saddle for the last few days. I came to realize I miss my blog.
So, with no further a due… Nothing really new, just an update and a statement of my intentions, right here for the world do see.

An update
Well, it’s been a few months since I have been here, so what’s new?
Um, we have another Baby on the way. She is due to arrive mid to late January. We are taking a new approach this time, by switching hospitals, and also making the leap to a midwife rather than a traditional doctor. To this point it’s been a very good change, and we are so excited to welcome a new little life into this world that we can hardly wait.
I have always been proud of my kids names, so I want to share a little about each of them with you.
Jade Robert – Is my strong man. He has, since the day he was born, seemed to have a wisdom about him that is hard to put into word. His name “Precious stone” of “bright fame”
Jordan Lee Lucile – The Wild Flower, her heart is meant to be free. Her name means “Descend into a Meadow of light.”
Zander William – The care taker. Zander’s heart seems to be tied into caring for others. Within days of finding out he would again become a brother I had an image in my mind of Zander as a young man, standing bold, arms crossed In front of two beautiful sisters, each with a smile on their faces, knowing that they are safe. His name means Defender of man, will protect.
Zoe Apphia – Full of life and joy, at this tender stage in her life she brings light and joy to each room she enters. Her name means Life Increasing.
And the new baby, we know she is a she, and we have a name in mind, but you won’t get to hear about it here. I can tell you her name will stand for revolution, and victory
4 times in my life God has blessed me with a new name, soon to be a 5th. I joke around that on the white stone I will find the name Wulf, but my filled with joy, and my eyes with tears If I would see manes written in the stone like Jade’s Dad, Jordan’s dad, Zander’s Dad, Zoe’s Dad, and the new baby’s dad. Those are names of honor that I hold close to my heart, even in my dreams.

Ok, what else is new? Well, I am back in school. Attending classes at STI, working towards a Network Admin degree, and really enjoying the energy that is bringing to my life.
Started a new Job back in Feb. of this year. It’s a great gig, I love the work and people I am around now.
Outside of all that I think I have become a preper.
I am also involved with Zander’s scouting adventures
As well as all the good old stuff with sound, trying to play guitar and so on.
That’s me in two pages or less, right now.


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