Training them up – Dumbing them down

November 18, 2009 at 8:30 am (Uncategorized)

Ok, so I have been thinking about this for a while and want to try and organize my thoughts into a logical manner. I hope this blog can do that.
                I am back in school again, and have been amazed at the way they treat the students. I mean, really where else can you go, and someone several thousands of dollars and be treated the way students are treated. And amazingly enough they don’t even feel a need to justify their behavior, that’s just the way it is.
                Now, granted most of the students are there for a reason, and an education is a partnership that requires effort from both parties to be successful. But really the school is offering a service, and if the fail to provide that service in a manner that is satisfactory to the student, what is the school going to do about it? They will do nothing, as far as I know.
I almost laughed out loud in class today when I heard the teacher rattling off statics on how much time you will spend doing specific things in your adult life. She basically said you are going to spend about 39 years of your life doing 3 things. 8 years watching TV, 15 years sleeping and 16 years working. And her follow up to that was “So you better pick something you like”.
It was such a factory mentality that it really did make me want to laugh.  By factory attitude I mean that it’s being fed to these kids that their life is going to consist of getting up, going to work the required time, go home spend a few moments with your family, and then watch TV to feed our minds with the idea of I need to have more stuff (which plays into more work) and then go to sleep, and that’s your life till you die. Support that man and his desires with the sweat of you back, and the blood of your skin, don’t dream of a better life, do educate yourself in a manner that might elevate you above your allotted position in life.
It’s no wonder our nation is falling apart 99.9% of our population is taught they are incapable of truly attaining the real dreams of their hearts. Not the dreams of 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence, with a TV and a Job, but rather of a person truly capable of changing the world through their actions. By finding things they truly care for, and being allowed to pursue those dreams with the full ability of their heart mind and soul.
Yes the educators will tell you that is not the case, that you can go where ever you want. But their actions in the classroom they teach you to be a good employee, not a person who is capable of thinking outside of the box and being original and creative.
At this point this is just an observation, but I intend to keep this in mind as classes continue, and will continue to post on this topic.


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