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August 17, 2010 at 2:18 pm (Bike, Health and Fitness, Physical fitness)

So in my effort to become a more proficient rider I installed new, clipless peddles on the old Iguana. Since these peddles were new to me and I needed also needed shoes, I planned to take the bike in to have them installed.

Embarrassed by the amount of crud build up on the frame, I opted to do a little cleanup before taking the old girl in, and in the process I found that the front derailleur was out of alignment, or so I thought. I did my best to adjust things, which was also a first for me, but wasn’t able to get the chain to run on the largest ring without skipping. So while at the shop I asked them to take a look.

Well, after several minutes on tinkering they had my sweet new Candy’s installed, but then came the bad news. My chainring is bent. I’m not exactly sure of the when, the where or the how of this incident, but that’s where we stand today. No top end speed for me, and even though I don’t look like it, that’s where I ride most of the time.

So, I was able to hop on and test out the new peddles, and shoes for about 5 or 10 minutes, but haven’t put any miles on in the last 2 weeks. But… This weekend we are heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and will be beyond the range of Cell Phones, Television or any other form of “worldly Technology”. So if things work out, and I can get a ride for my bike, I plan to see about doing a little trail riding while out there. This will be a first for me. I have never been more than a few yards from pavement on my last 2 bikes.

God Bless, and pray that I leave some of me out on the trail. Remember the goal here is to have less of Jeremy at the end of the day.


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