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Wow, what a great weekend. Bike work was all done, and everything was working as it should be.
Saturday I was able to get out and ride, my first official offroad ride. Was mucho fun, but I did learn that I have no clue how to ride up hill on dirt, and also learned that my shoes to unclip when falling down… All in all I had a great time, and pushed my lungs to a new level so I think I did leave a little bit of me on that trail. Thanks Kevin for the intro ride. Will for sure do it again.

Then Sunday, I was able to go out with Big Z and do an easy 10 miles on the bike trail. There are still some area’s that smell like poo, but it’s back into pretty good shape.
Wanted to get out again yesterday, but with the rain and T-storms I am glad I didn’t do it.


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Weekend Pain, and Adventure

August 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm (Uncategorized)

So, still no bike riding for me, but am recovering from an unplanned physical event this weekend.

 Oh, by the way we hiked Sunday Gultch.

If you’ve been there, please share you story.


My family and I went out to the Black Hills this weekend for a couple of nights of R&R. We got up at 4:30am on Friday and loaded up the kids and hit the road by 5. It was perfect.


We drove and stopped to go potty, drove and stopped to feed the baby, and drove and stopped some more. But, we did make it to our camp by noon or so. Kicked back for a while then headed into Hill City for a visit to the local food-mart. Headed back into the hills, eat and talked the rest of the night away. Oh and spent an hour or so standing in an ice cold mountain stream scooping up pans full if mud and rocks for the kids to try and pan some gold. Great start to the weekend.


Saturday I was up with the sun, looking for some wildlife only to find a herd of cattle standing in the meadow. Went on to make some wicked good omelets on the flat top grill then 6 of us piled into the car and drove on over to Custer State Park for a Hike. Yeah, we were about to embark on a mild 4ish mile walk through the hills….HAHAHAHA.


Keep in mind, I am Fat, just hit 40, and haven’t hiked more than a couple miles at a time ever in my life. The first 25 minutes of this hike were almost a vertical decent into the pits of hell… Ok, maybe not hell, but cause it was amazing to see, every step of the way, the next 20 minutes were spend in a more mild decent. Gorgeous, amazing loved every moment of it, and then we started to move away from the creek we had been following, and ran into a couple who said we were at the halfway point. This is where I my doubts started to become a reality. Roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes of uphill climb. The air was no longer cooled by the steam, or the shade of the trees. Some parts were mild, and others were a bit tougher. At some point I ran out of water, and vaguely remember thoughts running through my head like “What would happen if I just lay down and ask someone to call the chopper to airlift me out of here”. I really questioned if I would be able to make it out of there. My primary driving factors to keep going were these.



  1. All kinds of other people do it.


  3. How far can I push myself?


  5. My son was with me, and I didn’t want to teach him to be a quitter.


I was able to push on and see it all the way through to the end, none the worse for wear. Some of the pains that would haunt me for the next 48 hours or so, chaffing from it being hot, and me being fat, Very sore knee from over exertion, headache from dehydration, and generally sore muscles all over, especially my quads.



There is nothing in that list that I can’t either overcome, or live with. Less fat will fix the first issue. The knee is the reason I want to do things like that. I have let it limit me for over 20 years. I am done with that now. The dehydration scared me a little bit, but I will use it as a learning experience, and the sire muscles don’t really bother me too much, that just tells me I worked them.


Today my quads and chest are still sore. I am searching for east river hiking trails and already dreaming of my next visit to the hills.


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Me, and the next year of my life… on a Bike

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Well early in 2010 I resolved to improve my physical health among other things. This post will be dedicated to that single endeavor to this point.


First off, I will give a very short background. About 20 years ago I blew out my ACL. Earlier this year I went under the knife again to fix the same problem only to find that my knee is unrepeatable due to the amount of arthritis already present.


Today, I am overweight, though not so fat as I was in Feb. Between February and May of this year I swam multiple times a week, in an attempt to cut weight, and strengthen my legs for knee surgery. I also changed my diet, and simple started trying to improve my health. In 3 months I went from swimming a max of 3 laps to swimming up to a mile at a time. Didn’t really lose any weight, but did cut a fair amount of body fat, between 6% and 10%. After the surgery I wanted to diversify my routine a little bit, so I picked up a decent mountain bike for a couple hundred bucks. I have, over the last few months spend a little more money making the bike more ride-able. Not completed yet, but a work in progress.


As for myself, I am able to put 20 miles under the tires at a decent pace, but I am by no means a racer… yet. Every time I ride I am learning more about myself and my desires in riding. I enjoy pavement more than dirt. I enjoy speed over technical riding, and I find that I want to keep riding long after my body says no more. I am finding a desire to step into the endurance world a little bit, to see what it’s all about. In Sept. I am doing a 20 mile charity ride. Not a race, but still a chance to see where I stand in comparison to other riders.

 I am thinking of blogging my adventures in riding, as a log for me to look back on and remember where I have been, and where I am going. And perhaps encourage others in their dreams also.


So you know where I am today.

I will be 40 years old tomorrow 8/12/10

I am 6 ft tall

Last time I was on a scale I was 306 lbs.

Father of 5, 3 still at home.

A second time husband, and blessed to have found the love of my life.

Above all else I am a follower of Jesus Christ.


My bike

The frame is a Giant Iguana,

Fork is Rock Shox Tora 302

Most of the rest of the parts are spares and extras.

It simply is what it is, a starting point.


My goal?

By next summer I want to be able to ride at least part of Ragbrai and/or Tour De Kota, also ride the MS 150.

So of course I need to obtain an appropriate road bike, on a very limited budget and achieve a level of conditioning that these rides will be surmountable.

Anyone who might stumble across this, believe me when I say I am open to all advise on this subject as I am nothing more than a novice at this point.


God Bless.


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New resolution

January 4, 2010 at 9:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Here I am, just about a week into 2010 and am thinking about what I want to do this year.

In 2009 I really started to develop a passion for preparedness. Also I have found a great desire to write, and share knowledge.

                I like to Blog, even though my faithfulness has fallen off in this area I intend to recommit to doing this on a regular basis, and here is what I plan to do.

                A weekly article on some form of preparedness.

On top of that I wish to write a marketable e-book by midyear, if not earlier.

So, based on this post I will share with you one of the primary needs in being prepared for whatever life might toss your way, and I am not always so good at doing.

We / I need to work in my ability to Set clear goals and work on them until they are completed.

I know it’s short today, but it’s a start.

God Bless.

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Training them up – Dumbing them down

November 18, 2009 at 8:30 am (Uncategorized)

Ok, so I have been thinking about this for a while and want to try and organize my thoughts into a logical manner. I hope this blog can do that.
                I am back in school again, and have been amazed at the way they treat the students. I mean, really where else can you go, and someone several thousands of dollars and be treated the way students are treated. And amazingly enough they don’t even feel a need to justify their behavior, that’s just the way it is.
                Now, granted most of the students are there for a reason, and an education is a partnership that requires effort from both parties to be successful. But really the school is offering a service, and if the fail to provide that service in a manner that is satisfactory to the student, what is the school going to do about it? They will do nothing, as far as I know.
I almost laughed out loud in class today when I heard the teacher rattling off statics on how much time you will spend doing specific things in your adult life. She basically said you are going to spend about 39 years of your life doing 3 things. 8 years watching TV, 15 years sleeping and 16 years working. And her follow up to that was “So you better pick something you like”.
It was such a factory mentality that it really did make me want to laugh.  By factory attitude I mean that it’s being fed to these kids that their life is going to consist of getting up, going to work the required time, go home spend a few moments with your family, and then watch TV to feed our minds with the idea of I need to have more stuff (which plays into more work) and then go to sleep, and that’s your life till you die. Support that man and his desires with the sweat of you back, and the blood of your skin, don’t dream of a better life, do educate yourself in a manner that might elevate you above your allotted position in life.
It’s no wonder our nation is falling apart 99.9% of our population is taught they are incapable of truly attaining the real dreams of their hearts. Not the dreams of 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence, with a TV and a Job, but rather of a person truly capable of changing the world through their actions. By finding things they truly care for, and being allowed to pursue those dreams with the full ability of their heart mind and soul.
Yes the educators will tell you that is not the case, that you can go where ever you want. But their actions in the classroom they teach you to be a good employee, not a person who is capable of thinking outside of the box and being original and creative.
At this point this is just an observation, but I intend to keep this in mind as classes continue, and will continue to post on this topic.

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November 17, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I have had kind of a bur under my saddle for the last few days. I came to realize I miss my blog.
So, with no further a due… Nothing really new, just an update and a statement of my intentions, right here for the world do see.

An update
Well, it’s been a few months since I have been here, so what’s new?
Um, we have another Baby on the way. She is due to arrive mid to late January. We are taking a new approach this time, by switching hospitals, and also making the leap to a midwife rather than a traditional doctor. To this point it’s been a very good change, and we are so excited to welcome a new little life into this world that we can hardly wait.
I have always been proud of my kids names, so I want to share a little about each of them with you.
Jade Robert – Is my strong man. He has, since the day he was born, seemed to have a wisdom about him that is hard to put into word. His name “Precious stone” of “bright fame”
Jordan Lee Lucile – The Wild Flower, her heart is meant to be free. Her name means “Descend into a Meadow of light.”
Zander William – The care taker. Zander’s heart seems to be tied into caring for others. Within days of finding out he would again become a brother I had an image in my mind of Zander as a young man, standing bold, arms crossed In front of two beautiful sisters, each with a smile on their faces, knowing that they are safe. His name means Defender of man, will protect.
Zoe Apphia – Full of life and joy, at this tender stage in her life she brings light and joy to each room she enters. Her name means Life Increasing.
And the new baby, we know she is a she, and we have a name in mind, but you won’t get to hear about it here. I can tell you her name will stand for revolution, and victory
4 times in my life God has blessed me with a new name, soon to be a 5th. I joke around that on the white stone I will find the name Wulf, but my filled with joy, and my eyes with tears If I would see manes written in the stone like Jade’s Dad, Jordan’s dad, Zander’s Dad, Zoe’s Dad, and the new baby’s dad. Those are names of honor that I hold close to my heart, even in my dreams.

Ok, what else is new? Well, I am back in school. Attending classes at STI, working towards a Network Admin degree, and really enjoying the energy that is bringing to my life.
Started a new Job back in Feb. of this year. It’s a great gig, I love the work and people I am around now.
Outside of all that I think I have become a preper.
I am also involved with Zander’s scouting adventures
As well as all the good old stuff with sound, trying to play guitar and so on.
That’s me in two pages or less, right now.

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A Day of Rest

August 31, 2009 at 9:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Just started reading Genesis again and the thought hit me, why did God need to rest on the 7th day? It’s kind of one of those “Duh” moments, but obviously because he had worked hard at this whole creation thing for the last 6 days.
I think this stands out to me a little but because we seem to think that simply makes things a reality, by a thought or a spoke word it’s just done. This verse tells another story, that after 6 days he was exhausted and needed a day to rest and recover, weather that is physically or mentally it does not say. I also have no doubt that God could have carried on from that day till this one without stopping, but that’s not the story we are given.

What are your thoughts?

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If I were a Democrat, this would be my plan…

August 12, 2009 at 5:40 pm (Uncategorized)

If I were a Democrat, this would be my plan.


I want to see all guns, of every type, banned because that way the bad guys and the republicans won’t have them.


Which is ok because guns are not needed to defend anything; like the land I live on, the faith I choose to, or not to practice in, the flag,  my children, or even my right to vote to ban guns.


And even if some bad guy does my chance get his hands on a gun, by going around the law, and is holding it to my daughters head as he rapes her, it’s ok because the government will take care of her. Free medical for all the damage done right, oh unless she is old, or crippled, or the doctors are too busy, or she already reached her quota of medical coverage for the year.


Glad I am not a Democrat…

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Where is God in my life?

August 11, 2009 at 2:33 pm (Uncategorized)

This summer seems to have set me into a drift pattern around things that are of God. I am on the edges, but seem to be having a hard time engaging. Last fall and spring some of the people who were examples to me in their walk have suffered some hurts and chosen to take another path. As a part of that the brotherhood I felt with these men seems to be have cut off. For the last several months I have tried to say there was no hurt in that, but I was wrong. I do feel hurt and keeping that in a bottle seems to have driven somewhat of a wedge in between God and myself.

I know it’s there; I can see it but am not quite sure what to do about it from there. I am praying more, am readying more and trying to surround myself with a Godly environment, but still feel lifeless if you know what I mean.

Anyone else ever felt this way?

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July 13, 2009 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I have about a million things I want to dig into bouncing around in my head. There are so many that I can’t to seem to put together a single blog post with only one subject. So guess what, I am going to brain storm for you, right here in the “Never Blog”. Maybe if I can get a list I will have something to focus on, and try and get this ball rolling again, so here goes.

The Devils lies – How does the Devil convince is that the things we have to say are not things others want to hear?

God’s blessing on a marriage – Is every marriage blessed by God, or do some fall outside of his blessing and are destined to fail? I often think about my first marriage and how we lived. I can’t see how it was destined to ever succeed. We had a time together and two beautiful children came forth, but as for myself, I don’t think I really had a clue what it meant to love someone. India – Missions Debt, and getting out of it

Being a Dad – I feel like two dads. One Dad to my older two kids who live apart from me, and another for my younger kids who are at home.


Guns and shooting


Ribs and smoking them

Making a carrier change


Bible prophesy

Ok, maybe you all could help me out a little. Leave a comment on what you might like to hear about.

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