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Wow, what a great weekend. Bike work was all done, and everything was working as it should be.
Saturday I was able to get out and ride, my first official offroad ride. Was mucho fun, but I did learn that I have no clue how to ride up hill on dirt, and also learned that my shoes to unclip when falling down… All in all I had a great time, and pushed my lungs to a new level so I think I did leave a little bit of me on that trail. Thanks Kevin for the intro ride. Will for sure do it again.

Then Sunday, I was able to go out with Big Z and do an easy 10 miles on the bike trail. There are still some area’s that smell like poo, but it’s back into pretty good shape.
Wanted to get out again yesterday, but with the rain and T-storms I am glad I didn’t do it.


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Me, and the next year of my life… on a Bike

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Well early in 2010 I resolved to improve my physical health among other things. This post will be dedicated to that single endeavor to this point.


First off, I will give a very short background. About 20 years ago I blew out my ACL. Earlier this year I went under the knife again to fix the same problem only to find that my knee is unrepeatable due to the amount of arthritis already present.


Today, I am overweight, though not so fat as I was in Feb. Between February and May of this year I swam multiple times a week, in an attempt to cut weight, and strengthen my legs for knee surgery. I also changed my diet, and simple started trying to improve my health. In 3 months I went from swimming a max of 3 laps to swimming up to a mile at a time. Didn’t really lose any weight, but did cut a fair amount of body fat, between 6% and 10%. After the surgery I wanted to diversify my routine a little bit, so I picked up a decent mountain bike for a couple hundred bucks. I have, over the last few months spend a little more money making the bike more ride-able. Not completed yet, but a work in progress.


As for myself, I am able to put 20 miles under the tires at a decent pace, but I am by no means a racer… yet. Every time I ride I am learning more about myself and my desires in riding. I enjoy pavement more than dirt. I enjoy speed over technical riding, and I find that I want to keep riding long after my body says no more. I am finding a desire to step into the endurance world a little bit, to see what it’s all about. In Sept. I am doing a 20 mile charity ride. Not a race, but still a chance to see where I stand in comparison to other riders.

 I am thinking of blogging my adventures in riding, as a log for me to look back on and remember where I have been, and where I am going. And perhaps encourage others in their dreams also.


So you know where I am today.

I will be 40 years old tomorrow 8/12/10

I am 6 ft tall

Last time I was on a scale I was 306 lbs.

Father of 5, 3 still at home.

A second time husband, and blessed to have found the love of my life.

Above all else I am a follower of Jesus Christ.


My bike

The frame is a Giant Iguana,

Fork is Rock Shox Tora 302

Most of the rest of the parts are spares and extras.

It simply is what it is, a starting point.


My goal?

By next summer I want to be able to ride at least part of Ragbrai and/or Tour De Kota, also ride the MS 150.

So of course I need to obtain an appropriate road bike, on a very limited budget and achieve a level of conditioning that these rides will be surmountable.

Anyone who might stumble across this, believe me when I say I am open to all advise on this subject as I am nothing more than a novice at this point.


God Bless.


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