Me, and the next year of my life… on a Bike

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Well early in 2010 I resolved to improve my physical health among other things. This post will be dedicated to that single endeavor to this point.


First off, I will give a very short background. About 20 years ago I blew out my ACL. Earlier this year I went under the knife again to fix the same problem only to find that my knee is unrepeatable due to the amount of arthritis already present.


Today, I am overweight, though not so fat as I was in Feb. Between February and May of this year I swam multiple times a week, in an attempt to cut weight, and strengthen my legs for knee surgery. I also changed my diet, and simple started trying to improve my health. In 3 months I went from swimming a max of 3 laps to swimming up to a mile at a time. Didn’t really lose any weight, but did cut a fair amount of body fat, between 6% and 10%. After the surgery I wanted to diversify my routine a little bit, so I picked up a decent mountain bike for a couple hundred bucks. I have, over the last few months spend a little more money making the bike more ride-able. Not completed yet, but a work in progress.


As for myself, I am able to put 20 miles under the tires at a decent pace, but I am by no means a racer… yet. Every time I ride I am learning more about myself and my desires in riding. I enjoy pavement more than dirt. I enjoy speed over technical riding, and I find that I want to keep riding long after my body says no more. I am finding a desire to step into the endurance world a little bit, to see what it’s all about. In Sept. I am doing a 20 mile charity ride. Not a race, but still a chance to see where I stand in comparison to other riders.

 I am thinking of blogging my adventures in riding, as a log for me to look back on and remember where I have been, and where I am going. And perhaps encourage others in their dreams also.


So you know where I am today.

I will be 40 years old tomorrow 8/12/10

I am 6 ft tall

Last time I was on a scale I was 306 lbs.

Father of 5, 3 still at home.

A second time husband, and blessed to have found the love of my life.

Above all else I am a follower of Jesus Christ.


My bike

The frame is a Giant Iguana,

Fork is Rock Shox Tora 302

Most of the rest of the parts are spares and extras.

It simply is what it is, a starting point.


My goal?

By next summer I want to be able to ride at least part of Ragbrai and/or Tour De Kota, also ride the MS 150.

So of course I need to obtain an appropriate road bike, on a very limited budget and achieve a level of conditioning that these rides will be surmountable.

Anyone who might stumble across this, believe me when I say I am open to all advise on this subject as I am nothing more than a novice at this point.


God Bless.



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